Why pay for long distance when there is Google Talk?

I have been using Google Talk for months now. It allows me to talk with sisters (and we know how sisters love to talk) for free. What would otherwise cost me major dollars to catch up on the latest family gossip, costs me nada. Sure, it’s not a perfect solution, since we find that it craps out from time to time and we do have to “dial” back in to relieve feed back noises, but that is sort of what I expect for the (free) price.

Google Talk has just added some more features, like file transfer, which is pretty cool for sending picture files or documents. And if my sister(s) aren’t online, I can leave them a voicemail to let them know what the other sisters said or did. (I have 5 sisters, so there is always a drama waiting to be shared)

Check it out at:
Google Talk
C/Net News


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