Let Mikey Try It First

Maybe Popeye can’t, but I can wait a few more weeks before busting opening a package of spinach. Allegedly, it is “safe” now, even though they don’t know how or why all the spinach in the U.S. got infected. Read on


Take My Battery, PLEASE!

Wondering whether you have a laptop that is going to crash and burn? Confused by all the reports? Thinking it may be time to pull the battery and use it for this New Years fireworks instead? Well, I have done the research for you and you can now check your little darling and see if it should be using your battery to start your next barbeque.

Darth Vader Calls the Emperor

Online Database of Government Spending


With much anticipation, I tuned in to watch HEROES. I am not sure what exactly I was expecting, but the premier episode left me scratching my head. There is a porn queen who can rip mob collectors to shreds, a goofy Japanese guy that teleports, and a drug user who paints the future…just to name a few of the characters. Not sure if I liked it or not. What say you all?

Digital Camera

I was talking to my buddy Gloria the other day about cameras and since it has been a year or so since I bought my digital camera, I wasn’t really sure what mega pixels the new cameras were shooting at and/or what the prices were. (Guess the geek in-the-know thing doesn’t flow over to some gadgets) Just so you all know, and no it’s not the slickest looking camera or anything, here are some up-to-date specs on a Kodak camera. (Preorder only, not yet out on the market) Read on

Ryder Cup 2006

I don’t have to tell you, you already know. Unless there is some big rally by the boys on Sunday, looks like we let Europe keep the Ryder Cup. The shot of the day was their Hole-In-One.