IE 7 is Coming…

Rumor has it that Microsoft’s new internet browser is coming to your computer this month. They will be pushing it down via Automatic Updates. If you want a sneak peak, Read on… I have been using the beta version. The biggest difference you will find is the TABBED Browsing. (Firefox has been using this feature forever) The Quick Tabs feature is pretty cool and the ability to add RSS Feeds. They have also added their own little Phishing Tool in there. Just wanted to keep you informed..


2 Responses to “IE 7 is Coming…”

  1. ja Says:

    Got my first IT call on IE 7. Easy fix. Installed Foxfire 2.0. DONE. Next…

  2. Anonymous Says:

    My isp is peoplepc. My email software if outlook express. If I swith to firefox, what happens?

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