Thumbs Down for IE 7

I downloaded IE 7 browser and gave it a whirl. Why? Sure… you can ask that. It is because you all who let Windows do Automatic Updates are going to be getting it whether you want it or not. Also, I figured that the HACKERS haven’t had a chance to exploit the holes in it yet.

Let me tell you what I don’t like about it

1.There is no way to direct where you want to download a file, it just downloads to a temp folder and then opens a window showing you that it’s there. Then you have to save it. (Nothing new there, same as IE 6)
2. They have a built in Phishing filter. If you turn it on, it slows your surfing pleasure while “checking” to see if you are going to a safe site. AND if you turn it off, you get an annoying pop-up balloon asking you if you want to check to see if it’s a real site or not. (Doesn’t happen all the time, just when it wants to)
3. Scrolling down on a web page seems to be VERY clunky. It’s like the page is still loading and has to finish setting up in the frame.
4. Forget trying to use the Pop Up Blocker. If you turn it on, certain website links require the page to open as a Pop Up so you’ll stay busy “Allowing that site” to open a Pop Up tab.

Now I know you might be saying, “Annie, we know you love Firefox and you are just not giving Microsoft’s new browser a chance to be your default browser.” Firefox remains the better browser. You can add Extensions such as, Tab Mix Plus, Fox Pager & Cooliris Previews (just to name a few) to further enhance FireFox’s capabilities. Since you IE users will have to adjust to a new layout and interface anyway, this might be a real good time to give Firefox a try, then watch IE 8 play catch-up again in five years.


One Response to “Thumbs Down for IE 7”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Coudn’t agree more, had exactly the same problems, the way the pop up blocker & phishing filter work is just annoying & browsing some sites just grinds to a I’ll stick with Firefox 2.0 which does the same & works 10 times faster

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