Crack In The Glass Ceiling

I know the Glass Ceiling and my hope would be within 3 more decades of women in the work force that my nieces/grand nieces will have opportunities for advancement that were not there for me.

Just the facts:

  1. Only eight companies in the Fortune 500 were led by a woman CEO in 2005 and none of those companies were among the Fortune 100.
  2. More than one-half of the Fortune 500 had fewer than three women corporate officers.
  3. Fortune 500 companies with the highest percentages of women corporate officers yielded, on average, a 35.1 percent higher return on equity and 34 percent higher total return to shareholders than those with the lowest percentages of women corporate officers.
  4. Women also are busy on Main Street: Women in the United States are launching small businesses at more than twice the rate of men each year.

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