Vista, Millennium Edition 2007

I remember when Windows ME hit the market in 2000. As a Business Consultant for an IT department back then, I knew better than to rush out and buy it. Techs (geeks as we are sometimes called) always have a golden rule not to put a new operating system into production until the first service pack is released.

That got me to thinking how my favorite magazine, PC WORLD, reviewed the doomed operating system back in 2001. Sure enough, I found this article that nails it on the head.

Well, then I said to myself, “Self, they are bound to have an article regarding Windows Vista. (see user survey summary)

My one concern is that since all retailers are selling Vista preloaded and it appears to work nicely at the store, what happens once you get home and start to install some of your old software? Or try to hook up your wireless network?

Right on Intuit’s site, it says that the company will not make older versions of QuickBooks compatible with Vista.

Not that I will shy away from the challenge of installing Vista on older computers or set up a pre-installed new system, I just want my clients to know the hidden software/hardware expenses, the incompatibilities, the downtime anticipated and the learning curve associated with Vista.

(HP, Toshiba, IBM (to name a few) sell XP systems online at their small and medium business sites)


One Response to “Vista, Millennium Edition 2007”

  1. ja Says:

    Had a client ask me; “How can Microsoft get away with this?” My response, “Why Not? After all, Mr. Gates is the world’s richest man and who else could the US Justice Department get to buy out small third world countries by simply turning a blind eye to the anti-trust and monopoly laws?”

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