Identity Theft

No matter how careful we may be on protecting ourselves against identity theft, there are other sinister forces working against us.

I just received a letter from my previous employer, Bank of America, that a laptop was stolen containing information on a limited number of current, former and retired Bank of America associates.

Yes, that’s right, I am one of the lucky few and now the target of identity theft. This lowlife loser now has access to my name, address, date of birth and social security number.

When I called the bank’s 800 number, as instructed on the letter with regards to this good time, the representative said that the laptop has a log on id and this would deter the bad guy from accessing the information. As if that is some sort of safeguard. Paleezee!

I got an idea…encrypt your sensitive data dudes! Laptops get stolen everyday. Why should I or anyone else have to pay the ultimate price of this inexcusable violation to our good name and credit because companies like Bank of America have not spend the time, resource and monies it requires to encrypt this information? Also, re-train your employees not to recklessly leave their laptops lying around anywhere! Not in their cars, a clients office or sitting on their desks at night when they leave for the day.

As a side note, they offered to enroll me in their Privacy Assist Premier service free for 2 years. Can you believe they asked me for my social security number to enroll in it? 


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