Fresh Apps For MybabyT

MybabyT is just about finished as far as the tweaking and installing goes. With a new system it was time to run some new apps and get the system up-to-date with the latest in firewall, anti-virus, pdf reader and a mobile sync utility.

Let me share with you some of the new apps I am now using:

Anti-virus: avast! 4 Home Edition is not only free but is pretty cool. I typically don’t like pop ups and annoyances like that, but I really don’t mind a sound file notification that has some guy telling me that a potential infection has been detected. Plus it provides email scanning that AntiVir PE lacked. The only dealeo with this software is that you have to register and they will send you the license key. No big whoop since we all have a “just4crap” email account.

Firewall: My all time favorite ZoneAlarm. (This link takes you to the download. For more info, click here) I upgraded to the 38mb version after installing and tweaking MybabyT. I performed a Clean Install, figuring that the firewall didn’t have a clue anymore as to what to allow and what not to. Seems to be working perfectly now, since I was having some issues with the wireless network card.

PDF Reader: It was way past time for me to use Foxit Reader. Let me quote PCWORLD. “In our experience, when it comes to viewing PDF files, Foxit Reader beats Adobe Reader hands-down.” Need I say more?

Mobile Sync Software: I upgraded and am now using ActiveSync 4.5 for my Treo. Not really sure if I need to do it, but it seems to work just fine with syncing my Outlook using Bluetooth software installed on MybabyT.


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