Bee Buzz Update

The LA Times reports that researchers may have found the cause of the disappearing bees, known as Colony Collapse Disorder.

Rumor had it that it may be our cell phones that disorientated the bees so the little guys couldn’t find their hives. But in reality and more likely, it is a parasite. Read on


2 Responses to “Bee Buzz Update”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Holy Honeycomb Corruption, Batman!The little parasites are busting the bees buzz and how long will it be before we see a honey recall?

  2. ja Says:

    “Colony Collapse Disorder?”Next the FDA will call it a disease….And then they can have one of the pharmaceutical companies make a pill for it (with known side effects of wings falling off, silent buzz, etc….)Sure….we’re going to buy right into a “disorder”….I mean like…haven’t bees been around since like GOD?

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