AT&T DSL Disconnect

On a regular basis, or should I say daily, my AT&T DSL service is offline. Sure, I can wait an hour or more for the ISP to kick back on, but I WON’T DO IT MAN!

So I found this trick I have been using with great success. I call 1-877-722-3755 for DSL tech support.

It’s automated and I have to go through a slew of voice prompts such as, YES I’m calling from the same number as my DSL connection, NO I am not using Vista, I need TECH SUPPORT, for a CONNECTION PROBLEM. Then the automated voice runs a test on my line and BAM!  Sometimes I don’t even get past the first couple prompts before my Internet connection mysteriously comes back online.

If I haven’t done this 10 times or more (and yes even this morning) I wouldn’t BLOG about it. But it seems to me, if it works, you all ought to know about it.


4 Responses to “AT&T DSL Disconnect”

  1. gandolf Says:

    John,Did you configure your new router to use PPPoE as the Internet Connection Type?This article addresses how to, albeit it may not be exactly your same router model.

  2. John Says:

    My at&t DSL was disconnecting every ten minutes or so. I bought a new linksys router (just like the other one) and for awhile (5 hours) it didn't disconnect. Then it started again and is about every 20 or 30 minutes now.I have another computer on the network that is always on – could that be using up my time allotment – even though not in use on the internet?I also found a bat file that refreshes my ip but isnt that the computer IP and not the router ip – is there an ip refresher for a router?When it happens – I unplug the router, replug it in and the internet always comes back on.A couple of weeks ago – I got on instant messaging with at&t tech support. He was good and he asked me questions about phone interference – I dont ever hear any, and other factors,like when I turned off the modem and then back on – would the dsl connect then? It usually does I told him.We didn't change anything but my main question was "is at&t throwing me off because they are overbooking?" and for the next two weeks the dsl performance was much better.I'm not in a position and don't know how anyway – to plug the modem into my outside box and do tests.Now it's bad again. Any help appreciated.

  3. Gandolf Says:

    Too bad the “repair” option doesn’t work since it’s the actual AT&T service that is down

  4. Union Says:

    If using WinXP try >Start >Control Panel >Network Connections >Local Area Connection-X [right click] >Repair. Then close and try launching your web browser again.The ATT DSL service seems to time out regularly. All you’re doing is waking it up again. No user side adjustment seems to help.

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