Google Streetview

This is a rather , but it is fascinating what Google is up to with Streetview.


Office 2007

I did it, I upgraded to Office 2007 Professional. I have the system to handle the bells and whistles and it was time to do it.

I was pleasantly surprised and happy to report that the “upgrade” went very well.

The only thing that I don’t have worked out yet is the Flags and Category options. Since I have always used colored flags I knew for awhile that it was going to be challenging, so I moved all my colored flags into one folder before the upgrade.

There is no longer a FIND button in Outlook. Instead it has been replaced by Instant Search. Outlook prompts you to enable it, but you really don’t have to. What it does is download Microsoft Desktop Search and that was quickly uninstalled when I first beta tested this application.

You can test drive Office 2007 in your browser without having to download it by clicking here.

Strange Sights in Google Earth

Cell Phone Signal Booster

As more cell users gobble up the signal strength from the cell towers, your reception at home goes to no bars. What do you do? What can you do?

Change providers? Will that really help? Is AT&T, T-Mobile or Sprint really an option?

Although this workaround is a bit expensive, we can at least keep an eye on it and see if the pricing comes down and gives you a viable solution to those dead spots in your house.

Thanks go to Bauer!

As the Broadband Turns

If you are following my posts, you may be wondering how my ordeal with ATNCRAP went. After having some Joe come out and advise that the modem I had was only used for 3 months before they figured out it was crap, (2700HGB), he replaced it. Oh I’m sure they are going to charge me for that, but it’s a day late.

I switched to Cox cable services. The set up was easy and I’m good to go! Of course I signed up for the 12GB download and the 1Gb upload speed. Now I’m off to Fry’s to get a new N wireless router.

Look Ma! No USB Cables

It’s not far off that we can finally get rid of those USB cables. Certified Wireless USB chips, will enable cable-free connections to USB peripherals hooked up to Certified Wireless USB hubs that D-Link and IOGear also announced.

Geek Only Tip

I am always looking for ways to get Windows to “oh behave”! And there are times you just can’t fix what ails it unless you reinstall. If that is not an option, at least you can tweak it to shutdown faster.