Microsoft WORD Tips

I was just thinking about this the other day and wondered if there was some way to go back into my WORD document to the exact place where I was last at without having to scroll down for days. And lookie here! There is a SHIFT + F5 shortcut, I did not know that.

Here are 7 more tips you might find useful.

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One Response to “Microsoft WORD Tips”

  1. Gandolf Says:

    Here is another helpful tip.You can turn on Readability Statistics to see how your letter ranks on what reading grade level.To turn on the readability function in WORD 2003: 1. Open Word. 2. From the Tools menu, click Options. 3. Click the Spelling and Grammar tab. 4. Place a check beside the Show readability statistics option. 5. Click OK.In WORD 2007: 1. Click the Office Button 2. Click ‘Word Options’ 3. Click “Proofing” and check “Show readability statistics” 4. Click “OK”

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