XP Lives On

Microsoft released Windows Vista more than nine months ago and it failed to WOW this blogger. Bowing further to pressure from OEMs and consumers, Microsoft has extended the life of Windows XP, which was due to end sale to OEMs on January 1st 2008, to a new date of June 30th. That’s real good news!


IBM Office Software

IBM has released Lotus Symphony, a suite of free software tools for creating and sharing documents, spreadsheets and presentations. With Lotus Symphony, you can import, edit and save a variety of file formats including Microsoft Office files. You can even export your documents to Adobe® Portable Document Format (PDF).


Although this is in beta testing right now, it will be interesting to check it out once it is released.

360Desktop lets you expand your existing workspace past the edge of your monitor. You can either hover your mouse near the edge of the screen or use a pull-down navigation panel, which results in much quicker and smoother scrolling.
The program takes a panoramic photo and lets you treat it as an extended background. True to 360Destkop’s name, your desktop is treated as a big circle. Scroll far enough and you’ll wind up right back where you started. Check out the video for a demo. … [via download squad]

Treo™ 700w/wx Updater 1.22

Ok, so I wasn’t thinking (wait 2 weeks before upgrading any software after the release date) when I originally updated my Treo 700w to the latest software update in August and went ahead and sort of hosed out my connectivity to the web. (it connects when it wants and it doesn’t want to most of the time) So I signed up for an email update as to when they “supposedly” have fixed this issue. Guess what? They have released an update. I feel obligated to run it just to let you all know if in fact it fixes it. Wish me luck, I’ll post back later.

CamStudio 2.5 Beta 1

Network USB Hub

This handy device will allow you to hook up network access to multi-function printers, digital cameras, external hard drives and other USB devices. Cool!

$8.965 Trillion Dollar Debt