Outlook Connector is NOT FREE

The other morning when I opened Office Outlook 2007, I was forced to download and install the latest Outlook Connector. In June, I that my business email wouldn’t send or receive until I did so.

Well, after downloading and uninstalling and reinstalling a few times, I still couldn’t get my emails. I contacted Microsoft support who got me in touch with Mark Zhang, a support professional with Microsoft who had me do the uninstall, reinstall and new profile runaround.

The results were the same. No business email. (I set it back up as an HTTP mail account so I have Outlook access to it again, for now…)

So I Googled the error message, “Outlook Connector is available only to subscribers.” Guess what? Even though the download page states you can access your contacts, calendar and email for free, you can’t. states you have to “upgrade” your services to do so.

Microsoft, could you please just loop me out of your faulty updates and download pushes so I can concentrate on my business and not on fixing and fussing with your software!

UPDATE* – I was again contacted by Mark Zhang at Microsoft, and he suggested I try the download ONE MORE TIME. Surprise! It actually worked this time!


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