NoScript For Firefox

I finally decided to install the for Firefox to block scripts from executing in my browser. No more Java, Flash and other plug-ins that may infect my system with malware.

It seems pretty simple to authorize the sites that are trusted and I don’t see a downside to enabling this tool (Winner of the “2006 PC World’s World Class Award”) which helps make Firefox the safest browser around.

Sure, Bauer is saying, “Dude! I told you about this years ago and you are now just installing it?”


One Response to “NoScript For Firefox”

  1. somebody Says:

    Ok, so you know me oh too well. I have been using No Script for 2 years I think. In that case instead of saying I told you so I will give you another extension that I also use that you might like.Cookie SafeIt also works from a white list like no script.

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