Bailout Application Form

With the federal government doling out our taxpayers monies to whom ever asks for it, and I’m not too proud to beg, like and , (that’s right folks, BILLIONS), I ask where is my bail out?

Here’s an EZ-CASH Form for a piece of the Federal Bail Out Program. Good stuff!


3 Responses to “Bailout Application Form”

  1. Annie B. Says:

    I have fun finding articles and keeping my blog readers interested in technology.Thank you for your nice comment.

  2. ja Says:

    Let’s set the record straight. Bail Out… Isn’t that a term for someone who is sitting in jail…arrested for a crime…and wants out? Is the government going to hire Dog Chapman and his posse to make sure these companies pay them back? Calling all Bounty Hunters….

  3. Edward Baker Jr Says:

    I love your site. I just got started myself on my own blog, but this article was great and your site is really outstanding.

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