Denied Permission to Access this Folder

Pulled a drive out of a XP system the other day, so that I could migrate the data to an external drive using Windows 7 Pro. Hooked up my IDE data cable, plugged it in to the USB drive and tried to access the user folder but got this error message:

Ok, so I need to access the security tab. Then what?

Blogsdna has a really good article on the step by step to take ownership then assign rights or permission to respective users.

There is a simpler method to take ownership, a registry entry that adds the option under the right click context menu.

Add “Take Ownership” Option in Right Click Context Menu

1. Download

2. Above zip file contains two reg (registry) files InstallTakeOwnership.reg and RemoveTakeOwnership.reg.

3. Double Click on InstallTakeOwnership.reg to install Take Ownership option in context menu

Screenshot of Take Ownership Option in Right Click Context Menu

In order to remove Take Ownership option double click on RemoveTakeOwnership.reg.

You will still need to set permissions, but we are all use to that drill with Windows and permissions.

Thanks go to Sandip Dedhia.


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