10 Favorite Android Apps of 2010

Since most of my peeps have Androids or iPhones, here is a post on what ars technica listed as their top 10 Android apps.

Sure, you can get a top 10 list of iPhone apps all day long, iPhone does have the best apps, we know that.

And you really need to search for Windows Phone 6.5 apps. I have had my TouchPro 2 for over a year and I don’t think I’ve got more than 6 apps installed. Not that I haven’t tried. Some apps were crap (WIFI Remote Access)  and have been removed.  And I’m not really sure why apps like BING, Windows Live, Microsoft My Phone and Microsoft Office weren’t just included or updated. You would think that MSN Weather should have been part of the 6.5 upgrade package too.

Anyways I digress…

Windows Phone 7 Apps are the reason why I’m moving to cloud based computing, moved my blog to WordPress and am starting to use other social networking tools for my business. Too bad you have to be on ATncrap network to experience WP7.


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