Complete Internet Repair: Fixes All Connection Problems

We like tools, especially tools that are portable.

Complete Internet Repair is a free portable application that attempts to repair everything internet related, including networking problems. The program performs the following tasks:

  • Reset Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
  • Repair Winsock (Reset Catalog)
  • Renew Internet connections
  • Flush DNS Resolver Cache
  • Repair Internet Explorer
  • Clear Windows Update History
  • Repair Windows / Automatic Updates
  • Repair SSL / HTTPS / Cryptography
  • Reset Windows Firewall configuration
  • Restore the default hosts file
  • Repair Workgroup Computers view

Thanks go to Teknophilia!


4 Responses to “Complete Internet Repair: Fixes All Connection Problems”

  1. Annie B. Says:

    And Thank You for your Complete Internet Repair tool and letting me add it to my Geek Tool section!

  2. No Nonsense Says:

    Thank you for updating the links. I appreciate your hard work and support.

  3. No Nonsense Says:

    We moved our company to a new domain and released a new Complete Internet Repair version. It does not open our homepage on start-up anymore, plus other enhancements. You can download it at Could you please update your links to point to our new home?

  4. Annie B. Says:

    Forgot about this tool! Sure could have used it the other day…

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