Convert AMR to MP3 Tool

Needed a tool the other day to convert an amr sound file that my niece made on her cell phone for her mom. (it was her baby boy talking to his grandma) AMR files won’t work for a ringtone on my smartphone, only MP3’s and this sounded like a pretty cool ringtone when she called me.

Found the FreeStar Free AMR MP3 Converter tool. It is a CNET download, which usually gets my thumbs up because it has been tested spyware free.

FreeStar lets you select as many AMR files as you like, so you can convert several files at once. The conversion process is simple and basically consists of choosing an output file and hitting Enter. The entire process took less than a minute to convert my selected file. Oh and it’s Free!

UPDATE: Seems WordPress doesn’t like my link to “baby boy talking to his grandma” and keeps removing it. So if you want to listen to it or download it, go visit my Public Windows Live page.

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One Response to “Convert AMR to MP3 Tool”

  1. gandolph Says:

    cute baby!

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