Windows Live Update

Just got an email from Windows Live advising me to update my Messenger. Sure, I downloaded and checked it out when it first rolled out, but went back to the 2009 version. If I won’t be able to use it without the upgrade I might as well check out Live Mail, Photo Gallery & Movie Maker, Writer and Live Mesh. It’s not that I am not familiar or never used these programs it’s just that I don’t much. But I’ll check it out…

Dear Messenger User,

We have just released a new version of Messenger which includes important security updates to help keep you and your friends safe while you chat online. All Messenger users will be required to have the latest version to continue using the service.

More information is available here

The Messenger Team


2 Responses to “Windows Live Update”

  1. Batman Says:

    You know my feelings about MS software. This is what I use and love.
    Pidgin – IM
    Thunderbird – Email
    Picasa – Photo Management
    w.bloggar – I used to use this for updating blogs
    Dropbox – Sync(Syncing my pidgin profile between 3 pc’s, awesome) I was using Live Sync but I didn’t really like how I would get file conflicts when some machines were off.)

    • Annie B. Says:

      i know how you feel about MS. i have to check it out because i am getting the windows phone 7 this year and it syncs to the cloud only. unless….i go get me a verizon iphone…

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