What Phone Will I Buy?

Just got off the phone with Batman. He asked if I was still committed to buying the HTC 7 Pro phone, if and when it comes to Verizon.

He has the Droid Incredible and it works perfectly for his smartphone needs. (although he did have issues upgrading to 2.2) He likes the fact he can “root it” and install whatever firmware he wants.

It won’t be for another 4-6 months before I upgrade and we discussed what options there are or might be:

  1. Research In Motion (Blackberry) will soon introduce software that would effectively give users two phones in one. The Blackberry BOLD is an option, however the small screen and keyboard doesn’t rock my world.
  2. The iPhone from Verizon is days away from hitting the market. Sales begin February 10th with pre-orders starting February 3rd. Yea, ummm…. an iPhone is nice for users, not for IT Pros. And any new device on the market has issues. (iPhone 3G issues)
  3. There are plenty of Android phones out there, I’m just not a DROID user. The HTC ThunderBolt, soon to be available on Verizon, is worth a second look though…
  4. Windows 7 phones aren’t even on the CDMA network yet, however a soon to be released update will alleviate this and other issues.  And what other phones will be offered.  HTC 7 Pro is rumored to be available soon, but what else?
  5. And what about 4G? Regardless of what OS is on the phone, what about the hardware? Should I wait for the beefy phone and be happy with that?

So, with that said I came to the conclusion that I’ll start looking at more than just Windows 7 phones and/or as Batman said, “wait for the perfect phone that has hardware and software specs you want.”


One Response to “What Phone Will I Buy?”

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