Change Default Font & Spacing in WORD 2010

I just wanted to share how to change the default template in WORD 2010. It’s been driving me nuts, because every time I use WORD the font is wrong and so is the line spacing, what’s up with that? Why would they default documents to add a space after every line? I don’t know…

The first thing to do is open a WORD document. You can modify document defaults on the “Set Defaults” tab of the Manage Styles dialog box. Sounds easy but how do you get there? I first opened the Styles pane, see below, by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S.

Once you have the Styles pane open, click on the third icon at the bottom of the Styles pane. (Manage Styles icon) Up pops the Manage Styles box. Hooray!

See the fourth tab – Set Defaults – click on that tab and change it. Get rid of the stupid lines spacing forever!

I set Calibri as my font, Size 12, no SPACING, and most importantly checked the radial button – New documents based on this template.

Once you are done customizing, click OK. Ah! Much better!


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