Dropit – Geek Tool of the Day

Dropit is a simple floating target image on your desktop. Using the rules you set up within the application (e.g. Move all JPG files to my Picture directory), it will automatically sort and dump everything you send its way into the proper place on your hard drive. Folders will be scanned and all contained files will be moved, copied or compressed into destination directories you’ve selected.

When you drop a file that doesn’t match, a form allows you to create and associate the destination folder.

This is a list of some of the main features:
– Move/Copy/Compress files and folders
– Process items using simple drag-and-drop
– Process items using Context Menu, Send-To and CommandLine
– Create sorting patterns for both files and folders
– Associate multi-rule sorting patterns to destination folders
– Create several profiles with a variety of patterns
– Available in both installer and portable versions

Oh, and it’s FREE!


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