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Golf tips by Annika Sorenstam: Haven’t we all experienced playing very well for 14 holes and then beginning to throw shots away on the last few holes because of lack of focus or energy? Staying focused during a round of golf is crucial to your success on the course. Today, a typical round takes about 4.5 hours, which can make it difficult to fully concentrate on every shot. It can be both physically and mentally exhausting. Below are some key pointers on how to keep your concentration and focus while relaxing between shots.

As you watch good players prepare for a shot, you will see what we call a “pre-shot routine.” A pre-shot routine is a consistent and systematic procedure that is executed prior to hitting a golf shot and is very instrumental in the focus and relaxation process. My pre-shot routine was exactly 24 seconds in my prime. I know this because I practiced the routine over and over and timed my routine so that I would be consistent every single time.

Knowing your routine helps you focus more easily, but more importantly, keep focus for a longer period of time. It can also help you in tough situations when the pressure is on. Another important component in the focus process is the ability to turn it on and off. This means that when it’s my turn to hit, I get into my pre-shot routine which helps me get my mind on the shot, check out the lie, the wind and club selection. I’m then able to visualize the shot I want to hit, set up to the ball and then execute. This should take no longer than 20-40 seconds.

After I hit the shot, I relax my mind. I turn it off. My advice is to never think about your previous shots or the next shot until you are at the ball and can assess what to do next.

This took me a few tries, but once I had it figured out it, it became a part of my game. Learn from the pros and you too can experience more solid rounds and consistent tournaments and, therefore, have more fun!

I hope these tips help you stay focused on the course. Good luck!

via ANNIKA Academy | Golf Instruction School


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