ANNIKA Academy | Golf Instruction School

Golf tips by Annika Sorenstam:

I do a lot of golf clinics at my Academy here at Reunion Resort in Orlando and the number one question I am asked is: How can I get more power in my shots?

I think I can speak for everybody when I say that we all want to hit it further while keeping the accuracy. I was an average hitter, distance-wise, when I joined the LPGA Tour in 1994. I could easily reach the par 3’s and 4’s but seldom did I try to reach a par 5 in two. After a few years on tour, I realized in order to stay at the top and to continue to get better, I needed to increase my distance. My goal was not just to increase distance from the tee but to hit farther in general.

  • A good release generates power. It starts with the grip. Set the club in the fingers of your left hand, with your thumb pad over the top of the grip of the club. With your right hand, get the club down in the creases of your fingers, which will help you hinge the club going back and hold that wrist angle longer in the downswing for a late burst of speed.
  • If you tend to grip the club too tightly and focus on hitting the ball instead of releasing through, this drill may help you relax your right hand: Grip the club normally, then move your right index finger on top of the grip. Practice hitting some balls like this. You’ll see it takes the “pinch pressure” out of your right hand.
  • People talk about how I turn my head to the target before impact, which is the release of my body. A common issue for amateurs is getting the arms and wrists to work correctly through impact. Try letting your right arm roll over your left, and your left elbow fold down. Finally, let your wrists re-cock the club to a full finish position.

via ANNIKA Academy | Golf Instruction School


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