Browser Wars

March will be a busy month for the ongoing browser wars. In addition to the pending final release of Firefox 4, (Firefox 4 RC) Microsoft plans to launch version 9 of its Internet Explorer on March 14th,  (Internet Explorer 9 RC) and Google released version 10 of its Chrome browser on Monday. (Chrome 10)

Version 4 of Firefox is a major upgrade for the open-source browser, and includes a wealth of new features and enhancements. Unfortunately, it takes forever for my favorite addons and themes to get upgraded so I will be using another browser in the meantime. (No worries Firefox, I’ll be back)

I’m using Chrome 10 right now and like the way it uses “tabs”. It seems pretty zippy too.

Microsoft boasts that IE9’s advantages over Firefox 4.0 and Chrome 9.0 are multiple rendering engines, H.264 support for HTML5 video and Compatibility Mode View. But wait there’s more: IE 9 has protection against socially engineered malware, Jump Lists and accelerators, (do we use those?) and full hardware acceleration, with better management of slow add-ons that impact performance. (I might like that)

What to use, what to use…???


5 Responses to “Browser Wars”

  1. teknophilia Says:

    Still waiting for the final 4.0 release. It’s refreshing to have such dedication to pushing out a bug-free program, but its rather tiring to wait.

  2. Annie B. Says:

    You got some pretty cool addons Batman! Just now checking them out…

  3. Batman Says:

    Until other browsers get an extension(Chrome) or addon(IE) that disables scripting based on a whitelist like noscript(Firefox) I will continue using Firefox for everything. I have tried Chrome and while it is snappy and runs well the second you go to a page your computer is vulnerable to scripting exploits. After using noscript and seeing the everyday sites I go to that I always considered safe and all the scripts that run from 3rd party sites I shudder.

    Here are my currently in use addons for Firefox
    CS Lite
    Delicious Bookmarks
    Download Helper
    Evernote Web Clipper
    Mobile Barcoder
    Simple Timer+Clocks
    User Agent Switcher
    Web Developer

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