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Ball Sitting Down in Thick Rough

What if the ball lands in the rough where you can hardly see it?

Select a club that will get the ball up and out of the rough. Since you will not be able to advance the ball with much distance, a shorter club with more loft produces the best result. Another option would be to use a hybrid club, as the weight behind this club helps get the ball up and out of the rough.

Play the ball position back in your stance. You want to make certain the clubface comes into contact with the ball before hitting the grass as you swing through the shot. Place your weight on your front foot and allow the shaft of your club to lean toward your front thigh.

Hinge your wrists immediately on the takeaway; this positions the club at the top of the backswing for a steeper angle back down to the ball. Abbreviate your follow-through as the club descends into the ball. Remember to hold the club firmly as the grass will tend to close the clubface at impact.




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