Windows 7 Themes: Escape to the Seaside

Windows 7 has two new themes for all of you who need a little bit of seaside relaxation. Surfing and Sailing!

The surfing theme puts you right in the tubes, feeling the roar of the waves and seeing the sun sparkling through the water. Awesome dude!

The sailing theme puts you on deck for a virtual voyage from Boracay in the South Pacific to Bar Harbor, Maine, with stopovers in ports of call such as Antigua, Sardinia, and the Maldives. Ah hoy matey!

And these bonus themes are a bit different than others that have been released.  They finally added a sound (seashore) theme to go along with it.  How cool is that? Seagulls, splashes, waves, and water-drops, a distant foghorn  – now signal key events in Windows, from the arrival of a new email to the emptying of the Recycle Bin.

Once they start adding screensavers to the themes, it will be just like “real” themes from yesterdays.


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