Ready for My New Phone Now!

Yes, it’s time for my quarterly rant about which phone I need to get. Oh, I do so need a new phone. Why? Because the HTC Touch Pro 2 is requiring more reboots than usual, doesn’t have any decent apps and  frankly, is antiquated. (Qualcomm® MSM7200A™, 528 MHz processor dated around 2006?, ROM: 512 MB, RAM: 288 MB)

With the next generation Snapdragon mobile chipset in the works from Qualcomm, blazing fast Krait, it’s time to hand me down my HTC Touch Pro 2.

So I got to thinking about chipsets, and what is being used in the just released or about to be release phones, such as Sprint’s HTC ARRIVE. Although the HTC ARRIVE is my next generation Touch Pro 2, it isn’t by any means the next generation chipset. It has a Qualcomm® QSD8650 – 1 GHz processor. So does the Kyocera Echo that has dual screens and yet to be released.

The first chipsets in the Snapdragon family were the QSD8650 and the QSD8250, available since the fourth quarter of 2008. Huh? A 3 year old processor? Here’s a Wiki of the Snapdragon progression.

Geez, that means Verizon is more than likely going to use an antiquated processor and I just have to keep looking for the phone that meets my the hardware and software needs. How about the Droid Bionic? How does it compare to the Thunderbolt? Do I really want an Android phone? Guess we’ll wait another 3 months and report back.


6 Responses to “Ready for My New Phone Now!”

  1. T Minus Time to Buy My New Phone « ibannieb Tech Support Says:

    […] so time to replace it. And my posts have been stating that I’m ready, but still no phone out there yet. (No Windows 7 on Verizon, […]

  2. Captn3x Says:

    WP7 is limited by the apps and built in capabilities not the hardware. I have never used a phone with such responsiveness. If WP7 does everything you need it to for your daily life, you won’t be disapointed as to how the hardware get’s it done.

  3. chambo622 Says:

    You really should be running a custom ROM. It’s way faster and offers cool features.

    Or if you want you can easily run Android on your Touch Pro2. Check out XDA-Developers and learn a bit, you’ll get a lot more out of your phone!

    • Annie B. Says:

      Considered that (running a custom ROM) and am very familiar with XDA. However, I’m a Softie and been with Win Mobile for years. The next phone….though…may break the cycle.

  4. Annie B. Says:

    You, of course, are correct. Did a wipe and reinstall when they upgraded it to 6.5 mobile OS in Jan 2010, then again about 8 months later when a bad app crapped it out. Yes, I definitely need to do it one more time!

  5. Batman Says:

    Sounds like you need a system restore. It is windows and I always recommend a reinstall of windows every 2 years. I never thought I’d recommend a windows mobile reinstall because of windows bitrot or software rot.

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