Smart Defrag 2

I like to keep a well maintained system, and ever so often I include the pagefile in my defrag routine. Instead of doing the “move the file, defrag, then move the file back” drill, I found a third party defragger that does it for you.

Smart Defrag 2 is a FREE tool that provides extremely fast defragmentation to your hard drives. It has an “install it and forget it”  feature, and has an automatic mode that keeps your hard disk running at its top speed. Course Batman, would never leave it running 100% of the time, and frankly, neither did I.

via MajorGeeks


3 Responses to “Smart Defrag 2”

  1. Batman Says:

    I don’t know which disk I sent you or which version it might be but I don’t think so. I am always updating it. My recent version does but it only fits on a DVD. I’ll figure out a way to get a disk or an image of it to you.

  2. Batman Says:

    Dude, I’m caught.

    A great way to do the defrag is use a defragger that doesn’t require an install. Include it on your UBCD4Win toolkit. Boot that up, delete you pagefile then defrag. Always better to do stuff to you hard drive when it isn’t in use doing other stuff. Your pagefile will get recreated when you reboot.

    As windows has aged it has gotten better at file management and doesn’t get as badly fragmented as it used to unless you are writing and deleting very large files like if you were dealing with large audio or video files. I reinstall my windows systems every 2 years to keep them in top form and this doesn’t really create the type of fragmentation issues you see in long running systems.

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