User Support Editorial Report – April 2011

Latest Technology 


Scientists at the Swiss-based Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Systems (IRIS) led by Bradley Nelson are developing tiny, electromagnetically controlled microrobots that can move to a target location in the eye and remain there for months, releasing drugs. Read on… 

Tips & Tricks

 Ten Utilities to Secure Data
Customize Windows 7 Themes
4 Ways to Work Together in WORD
Free Music: Listen to the Radio on Your PC
Getting Started with Microsoft Outlook 2010


Bonus Tip of the Month

Which Pop-Up Should You NOT Ignore?:
With all the crapware, spyware, malware and ignoreware (I just made that up) most of my clients really don’t know what to “update” when something pops up or whether to ignore it.

Here’s what you DO NEED TO UPDATE when it pops up: Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader (I prefer the 9.x version), Java, Microsoft Updates and your antivirus. (Make sure it is your antivirus and not a FAKE antivirus)

By keeping update to date and patched, you will be one step ahead of Trojans, viruses and I’m Out of Production anxiety.·

Computer Safety

HTTPS is More Secure:
You wouldn’t write your username and passwords on a postcard and mail it for the world to see, so why are you doing it online? Every time you log in to any service that uses a plain HTTP connection that’s essentially what you’re doing.

There is a better way, the secure version of HTTP—HTTPS. That extra “S” in the URL means your connection is secure and it’s much harder for anyone else to see what you’re doing. Read on

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5 Responses to “User Support Editorial Report – April 2011”

  1. May 2011 Newsletter « ibannieb Tech Support Says:

    […] Last Month’s Newsletter […]

  2. Christianna Says:

    I love the “Which Pop-Up Should You NOT Ignore?” article! First of all, I love the term “ignoreware” – your little stroke of brilliance for the month. But also, I really like the content, it’s very helpful!

    • Annie B. Says:

      Been poppin out these little diddies (newsletters) for 5 years and it’s real nice that you took a moment to note the little stroke of brilliance for the month! Bonus comment!

  3. teknophilia Says:

    I’m amazed that more sites aren’t using https. I’ve started using the https everywhere add-on since I use public wifi so much.

    • Annie B. Says:

      Thought you blogged about this so I could link back to you…but got it from your tweet, as I remember now. Thanks for the content for my newsletter!

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