Do it or Don’ts of Golf Practice

Headed out to the course here shortly, a bit chilly this morning I might add. Came across this golf tip and will give it a whirl today. Just to change it up a bit.

1. Full swing (15:00)
Vary as many things as you can from ball to ball, including club selection, target, shot shape, etc. Even if you don’t execute the shot, move on to another scenario. Just make a note to try it again later.

2. Around The Green (15:00)
Avoid practicing from ideal conditions, and alternate among chips, pitches and bunker shots. Set up unusual lies to keep your brain in problem-solving mode. If you don’t have to think about how to play the shot, change it up.

3. Putting (15:00)
Practice with only one ball, trying to hole it with each successive putt. Once you make it, move to a new spot on the green, and restart the process from a different distance and slope.

–Ron Kaspriske


For that occasional joint pain and after you’ve tried medication, icing it and stretching, try this:
“For three straight nights before you go to bed, mix one teaspoon of baking soda per 100 pounds of your body weight into some water and drink it,” says Tom House, Ph.D., nationally known trainer, performance analyst and advisor for the Titleist Performance Institute. Too much uric acid in the blood can force acid salts to deposit in the joints and help keep tendons inflamed. Baking soda is thought to reduce the acid level and move the bloods pH balance closer to neutral or alkaline.

via Golf Digest

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One Response to “Do it or Don’ts of Golf Practice”

  1. Annie B. Says:

    Played 9 holes, to get done early and watch the final round of the Masters. 2 birdies, 2 bogeys, shot par! I rock!

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