Duplicate Cleaner 2.05

Here’s a handy geek tool that seems to work pretty well.

I got new BOSE laptop speakers for my listening delight and moved music folders to that laptop. Of course there was going to be duplicates. Like hundreds of dups.

So, it was time to research what was out there, for free, because you know how we like free.

Came across Duplicate Cleaner 2.05 and it is pretty straight-forward. Ran it and then had it remove the dups. 


Open up Duplicate Cleaner. I selected Find Files With: Same Content & Same Artist. Note* I selected the Beatles folder that was on my desktop and then just add it to the Search Paths by clicking on the blue arrow>

After you set your Search Path, click on Scan Now.


Took a few seconds to find the duplicates I put in our “test” folder. Click on Close.


Now you have duplicates highlighted and it’s time to remove them. Note* At the top* Click on Selection Assistant.


Click MARK and then Click on Close.


Let’s delete the duplicate files. Click on File Removal.


I chose to Delete Files, but you can Move/Copy, Rename or Create Hardlinks. (Not sure what that does, but it’s nice to have options)

Click Ok, Ok, delete away. Close out and check your folder. No more dups!

If you’ve never used a dup cleaner, the developer has instructions and screenshots.

via |MG| Duplicate Cleaner 2.05 Download.


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