From Me To You | A Photography Blog

This might be a bit off base for my blog, however, it is pretty awesome.

You remember GIF files, little smiley faces that wink. Like my little surfing pal below:

This site takes photography a huge leap forward. All the photos are “GIF” files. Fascinating!


Yep, that’s a GIF file. (See the taxi! Awesome!) It’s not Adobe Flash or something, it’s a GIF file!

I like it! There’s a bunch more photos over at From Me To You, including photos from Fashion Week in New York earlier this year.

2 Responses to “From Me To You | A Photography Blog”

  1. Batman Says:

    Not too hard if you are good with photoshop or gimp. Me, I can barely use the smudge tool. You have to isolate the movement from the rest of the frame in frames from a video. Then clone the reference frame but incorporate only the changed part in layers that will be part of the movement. Then use those frames to create the animated gif. I honestly thought gif’s were dead after all the nonsense about the copyright on the compression used in the format. I thought we had moved on to png’s and their animated counterpart. These are pretty cool.


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