OneNote Table of Contents PowerToy

If you are an avid OneNote user like I am, you have pages and pages of content. It gets a bit unorganized and you don’t know what you have unless you click on each page.

The OneNote team created a Table of Contents PowerToy,  an incredibly useful addin for OneNote.

Make sure OneNote is not running before you download and install the PowerToy

  1. Close OneNote
  2. Unzip file
  3. Run setup.exe
  4. Open OneNote
  5. The “Insert” tab now contains a section for “Table of Contents”. Click the “Outline” button and a new page called “Table of Contents” will be inserted in the current section. You can copy or move this page around the notebook, ideally placing it in the first section for ease of navigation.


(I created a new Page first, moved it to the front of my “book” and labeled it TOC. I then clicked the button to create the new page)

Nice! And Oh, it’s FREE!


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