User Support Editorial Report – May 2011

Latest Technology 

Intel 3D Transistor:

Intel has “reinvented transistors” with a new manufacturing technique it calls “Tri-Gate,” and nicknamed the “3-D transistor” that is meant to increase performance 37% over its current line. Intel will start manufacturing the chips at 22-nanometer feature sizes later this year in a chip called “Ivy Bridge.”. Read on

Tips & Tricks

Create Your Own Screen Saver
How To Mail Merge Using WORD
Don’t Make These Social Media Blunders
How To Connect Your PC to Your TV Set
What is .NET Framework, and Why Do I Need It?
1,500 Free Sounds and Music Files at

Bonus Tip of the Month

Not Receiving Some Expected Emails; CHECKLIST:

You send someone an email – they didn’t get it or you sent an email and it’s no where to be found. It happens, and it just happened to me the other day.

When I setup new emails accounts for clients, I always check the account by Sending, Receiving and Replying. Seems the Sending works, but Replying didn’t. I’m not really sure where the mail is going and will need to contact the Exchange Host company to find out what’s wrong. I digress…

Hopefully your email issues are less complicated and there are some easy things you could try and check without needing to contact your ISP or email administrator. Read on

Computer Safety

Help Secure Your Smartphone:

How much personal  information do you keep on your phone? What if you lost it? Sure, I’ve got some pictures and music but what else is on there?

Access to every important email account you have? Personal information on friends, family and clients? Automatice sign on to your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts? What about other mobile applications to APP stores, music downloads, cloud folders?

I’m starting to scare myself… Take a moment and check out this article on 4 Tips to Help Secure your Phone. Read on

Quick Links…

phone: 619.717.2958


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