T Minus Time to Buy My New Phone

As of yesterday, my Touch Pro2 decided to quit turning on the backlight. Sure, it works briefly if you pull the battery out, but as soon as it goes to sleep mode, nothing works.

Ok, so time to replace it. And my posts have been stating that I’m ready, but still no phone out there yet. (No Windows 7 phone on Verizon yet, yes I know, the Trophy will be there shortly, but who wants a Trophy? not me)

Won’t buy anything Samsung, so that rules out the pricey, non-dual core processor “Charge”…the Droid X2 is bulky and comes with a wonky UI…Droid Bionic, albeit announced in January has still yet to hit the shelf.

Any suggestions? iPhone perhaps?

5 Responses to “T Minus Time to Buy My New Phone”

  1. Annie B. Says:

    Personal preferences. I like HTC.

  2. Jason Brooks Says:

    Whats wrong with Samsung? I just got the Droid Charge.

  3. Annie B. Says:

    Booted up the old Touch pro2 just to get a ringtone off of it and to my amazement, now that it isn’t connected to the network, it’s working just fine. However, after spending the evening with a brand new HTC Incredible2, there is absolutely no way I would put that Touch pro2 back in my pocket.

  4. Batman Says:

    HTC Thunderbolt? My HTC Incredible is still, well, incredible.

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