Keep Your Data in Sync with Your Computers & Smartphone

How do you keep all the data overload in sync with your systems? Here’s a glimpse of what I am using. Oh, and it’s FREE!

First off, Microsoft Exchange is a must to keep my mail and calendar in sync with two of my computers and my DInc2. (Droid Incredible2). But that’s just my one main mailbox and the main calendar. I have to use Google calendar for Tasks since MS Exchange doesn’t have that feature built in. But wait, there’s more.

I access 2 more personal email accounts, and another business email on my smartphone. Windows Live Mail syncs to a few miscellaneous email accounts including a “just 4 stuff” email account on a laptop (I have 6 active email accounts I monitor) and Outlook 2010 keeps all my email accounts in sync on my main computer. Outlook Connector keeps me synced to the MS Exchange account.

I’m using OneNote 2010 to keep notes on just about everything, from recipes to equipment to buy, and have it in sync with 2 computers. However, OneNote doesn’t sync to a DROID and I had to find another option. Batman kept raving about Evernote so I finally implemented it. I now keep notes in sync with a laptop and my smartphone. (OneNote is still my favorite “note taking” software)

I did need a way to move files to my DInc2, without having to tether the device and Dropbox solved that issue nicely. Dropbox, you need it, so go get it.

Windows SkyDrive keeps business documents “in the cloud” if I need to access them from any computer while out in the field and once there is a reliable DROID app for access, I may start using it more. I also tucked a few mission critical files up there as part of my disaster recovery plan. Skydrive has 25GB’s of storage goodness and it only makes sense to use it.

So you can see it is a challenge to keep everything synced. I’m not sure I have it working seamlessly yet, but it seems to be working for now. How are you syncing it all?

For more information, check out this article:
via Keep Your Data in Sync Across Platforms and Devices – Computerworld.


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