Patch My PC 1.06 – Geek Tool of the Day

Why yes, I do run around all day and patch PCs. Are you saying that PatchMyPC is portable and a reliable utility designed to check systems against the current version of Adobe Reader, Flash, Firefox, Java, and Quicktime? And if the system doesn’t have the latest version it will show up as red, and I can click update to download and install the latest available updates?

Well, tuck that in my tool-belt and save me from the arduous task of checking those applications manually!

Oh, and it’s FREE!

via |MG| Patch My PC 1.06 Download.

UPDATED 7-12-2011:

Adds Firefox 5.0.1
Adds multiple GUI enhancements
Allows you to right click a critical update to perform additional actions (Skipping and Always Re-installing)
Adds CCleaner 3.0.8

visit MajorGeeks for new version


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