User Support Editorial Report – June 2011

Latest Technology 

Future Disk Drives:

Disks based on solid-state, flash memory chips are increasingly used in computers and servers because they perform faster than conventional magnetic hard drives.

The performance of the experimental phase-change disk drive, created by researchers at University of California San Diego, suggests that it won’t be long before that technology is able to give computing devices another speed boost. Read on

Tips & Tricks

25 More Tech Tips & Tricks
Reduce Picture Attachment Size
Staying Organized in Windows 7
3 Ways to Send Faxes from the Web
7 Search Tips You Probably Don’t Know
Disable Hyperlink Warning Messages in Office 2007/2010

Bonus Tip of the Month

Producer for PowerPoint:

Use Microsoft Producer for Microsoft Office PowerPoint to capture and synchronize audio, video, slides, and images, then preview and publish a rich media presentation virtually anywhere for viewing in a Web browser Read on

Computer Safety

How to Fix Web Data About You:

As more of our social lives, shopping sprees and dating misadventures take place online, we leave behind, purposely or not, a growing supply of personal information.

Marketers, employers, suitors and even thieves and stalkers are piecing together mosaics of who we are. Even when it is accurate, it may not present a pretty picture. Read on

Quick Links

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