How I Sync Files Between My Computers/Phone

I was just thinking of this yesterday. How am I accessing emails, files, to do lists and calendars between my computers and phone?

Here is a short recap:

Currently using Exchange Activesync via Hotmail for my business email. It syncs my primary email account, calendar and contacts to my phone (the Droid Incredible 2) to Outlook 2010 on my primary computer and to Windows Live Mail, (which I use on another laptop).

Dropbox is great for moving pictures, music, ringtones and more to the Droid. And Evernote syncs seamlessly with the laptop and Droid for note taking and “to do” items. (Microsoft in their infinite wisdom, did away with Tasks sync capability)

Here’s where it gets a bit too much. I keep a personal calendar with Google. Sure, I could use Google Calendar Sync to keep it current with my Outlook 2010, but I just use it via the web right now to sync to my Droid.

Also, because Exchange email on a Droid is wonky, it only keeps emails for about a week and then they disappear, and forget finding emails in folders, it just doesn’t sync folders. I have to send follow up emails to another Hotmail IMAP email account. (Stupid yes, and that is one thing I sorely miss from my Windows phone)

If I need a document while I am out in the field, I do use SkyDrive to house some invoices, spreadsheets and such up there.

The other tool that I use everyday is OneNote 2010. It has come a long way and is so useful that I just have to keep telling the world. It rocks! It keeps everything organized for my BLOG, Newsletter, personal stuff, equipment ideas, work to do lists, recipes and more. It also syncs with my other computer. How nice is that!

Microsoft and Google have their advantages and disadvantages to hybrid “cloud” computing. And right now I have to use all these different sites, applications to keep in sync with how I roll.  It  isn’t easy, but is there any other way?


2 Responses to “How I Sync Files Between My Computers/Phone”

  1. Jason Brooks Says:

    I also use dropin, an android add-on app for dropbox which automatically syncs all the photos and videos I take to my comptuer and dropbox wirelessely and automatically.

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