Google Music Beta

Got my invite to Google’s Music Beta yesterday.

I am using Zune, the digital media player software for Windows PC. Zune also has a music subscription service known as a ‘Zune pass’, music and video streaming for the Xbox 360 via the Zune Software, and the backing software for Windows Phone 7. And since I’m no longer in the hunt for a Windows 7 phone, this invite came at the perfect time.

It was pretty straight forward getting it set up, just clicked on the GET STARTED button in the email, which had me “agree” to the BETA terms (No, I didn’t read it and couldn’t help but think of the recent South Park episode lambasting the fact nobody reads that stuff), I was then prompted to download the Music Manager, installed that and had the option to select where my music files were on my PC. (iTunes, Windows Media Player, My Music folder)

I recklessly selected My Music folder which has 1,000’s of songs and I certainly don’t want to upload my music world up into the BETA cloud. So I stopped the process.  I first needed to create – Music 3 – folder and slap a few favorite songs in there. I then started the upload again (You can set up the music to upload automatically, manually our even hourly) after I selected Other Folders, added my new BETA music folder under the Music Manager options. The 4 songs uploaded without a hitch. I will end up putting 50 favorite songs up there for the BETA testing.

Then I snagged the free Android Music app from the Android Market. Yes, I did check out the Droid Music app settings so that I can run the player via WI-FI and adjusted offline options.  (Yet another app by Google that doesn’t let you move it to your SD card, lame I know)

Ok, got to get busy adding some favs to the collection! If you got a GMAIL account and a Droid, you can sign up for an invite to the BETA here: Request an Invitation


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