Newly Built XP SP3 Redirects to KB2497281

It’s official! Since we all have been doing this forever, there is a change in the process when rebuilding systems with Windows XP SP3. (Yes, we still have to build/rebuild those systems)

It’s been confirmed that even though we do what we have always done, we are getting redirected to the KB article page for KB2497281.

Since we all like using  the Windows Update website, that lets us pick and chose what updates we want and not wait for automatic updates to randomly update the system, we had to find a fix for this annoyance.

Here is the solution that worked for us:

  1. Open Command Prompt: Start -> Run… -> cmd -> OK
  2. Stop Automatic Updates Service: net stop wuauserv
  3. Register wups2.dll: regsvr32 %windir%\system32\wups2.dll
  4. Start Automatic Updates Service: net start wuauserv

The SuperUser website has some other suggestions, however they didn’t work for us, maybe those will work for you if the above solution doesn’t.

“I can turn off windows updates and update myself…thanks” via The Computer Asset. Thanks Ja! for testing and helping confirm this fix.

UPDATE: Running this update only (Windows Update Agent) worked on the next system we were rebuilding. Here’s the link to the additional Update Agent versions.


4 Responses to “Newly Built XP SP3 Redirects to KB2497281”

  1. GuineaPirate Says:

    Updating “Windows Update Agent” worked

  2. Batman Says:

    That is so funny, this happened to me today also. It was an oem machine and they had previously come with SP2 so I didn’t even notice it had SP3. I just assumed it was SP2 so I ran the SP3 stand alone package and it finished much faster than it should have. After that I was able to get there but after reading this I checked my next one and it had SP3 already. To late for the fix though since I created an image from the first one to save time on the other 3.


    • Annie B. Says:

      No telling if the 2 “fixes” we used will work on all systems. But they have definitely changed how XP SP3 updates on rebuilds.

      • Batman Says:

        If the workstations are all the same you should image like I am, saves time. If it is a rebuild and you are starting pre SP3 use the SP3 stand alone update like I did first, then go to the site and update from there.

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