Chrome: It’s the Browser We Use

My sister called the other day and said that Firefox kept crashing after a FLASH player update. I asked her what she was doing still using Firefox?

I started using CHROME on my netbook awhile back, however, after Firefox went on a ridiculous rapid deployment of updates, I made CHROME my default browser.

Her only other issue was clearing some cookies on exit. CHROME didn’t have a default for that but there was a cookie extension, from the CHROME WEB STORE, called VANILLA COOKIE MANAGER that made it simple to leave google mail, Facebook, Twitter, etc… cookies in place so she didn’t have to sign in to those sites every time she opened CHROME.

Here is some other Extensions we use:

AdBLock – Clip to EvernoteGoogle DictionaryIE TabNew Tab Redirect!

CHROME is the way web surfing should be, simple and seamless.


One Response to “Chrome: It’s the Browser We Use”

  1. teknophilia Says:

    Chrome is FAST! I still think Firefox has better plugins, but I’m using Chrome more and more. Right now, I work on 3 PC’s on a daily basis, and use IE, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera a lot (yes, it’s not fun).

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