Take Office Starter with You

An Office Starter To-Go device allows you to use your Office Starter programs on another computer. The device is a USB flash drive that you configure by running the Microsoft Office Starter To-Go Device Manager while the device is plugged into your computer.

When the device is configured, you can plug it into another computer and run your Office Starter programs on the other computer, regardless of whether Microsoft Office is already installed. When you unplug the device, Office Starter is removed from the computer.

The other computer must be running Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1), 32-bit version, or Windows 7. Read on… via Take Office Starter with You.


7 Responses to “Take Office Starter with You”

  1. Jason Brooks Says:

    Whats lame is that Office Starter is the only version that includes this cool office to go feature. None of the other more advanced versions have this feature. On top of that there is no way for a consumer to get a copy of starter edition, even though it is considered free. Only the OEM can install it. I even called an OEM asking how I could obtain a copy of the starter edition if my hard drive crashed and I needed to re-install the OS from scratch. They told me there is absolutely no way to get it back on the system and I would have to resort to purchasing a paid copy of office. I don’t even have access to the software my system originally came with?

    • Batman Says:

      For a reinstall I don’t know about other OEM’s but for Dell this isn’t true. They do make it hard though. The obscured location of the office starter setup files can be copied back to the disk after a rebuild and used again at least on a Dell. I have done it when I installed XP on a new win 7 machine. Don’t know if the setup files are OEM specific though.

    • Batman Says:

      Actually it wasn’t Starter that I reinstalled but Office Standard since Dell doesn’t include the physical media. The setup files are the same though. You get the prompt at the beginning to use Starter or the version you have a key for.

    • Annie B. Says:

      Not sure how long this direct download link will work, so if you want some OEM Office 2010 Starter, I’d grab it ASAP.

      Office 2010 Starter Edition

  2. Batman Says:

    Or you could tell MS to pound sand, save the money and use.
    http://portableapps.com/apps/office/libreoffice_portable or
    http://portableapps.com/apps/office/abiword_portable for just a word processor.
    Office is bloated, runs like crap and 99.5% of people don’t need it. I keep Office on 1 machine only because I have to but all work is done in Libre Office on all machines. Plus it is cross platform so that means my Ubuntu install feels the love too.


    • Annie B. Says:

      MS Office Starter is a freebie included on most OEM systems. I do, however, appreciate other options as you mentioned. Thanks Batman!

      • Batman Says:

        I failed the “Office Starter” recognition test and the RTFA rule. Does Batman apologize when he kicks Jokers ass when he was just getting cotton candy at the fair and not robbing the place?

        My bad.

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