Turn Your Chin Back For Solid Tee Shots

The east coast is getting the first snow storm of the season, stay warm and safe back there you’ all!

Today in San Diego:  Mostly sunny in the morning…becoming partly cloudy. Patchy fog near the beaches in the afternoon. Highs 65 to 70 near the coast to 73 to 78 inland. Light winds.

So, off to golf I go. As I am off injured reserved now, there are a few burps in my swing that I have to work out. Notably, I am to steep on my downswing with the driver, just not getting a nice sweeping motion.

Here is the tip I am taking to the course today to help correct this problem. It is to turn my chin slightly away from the target at address. Then, as I swing back down to impact, sense that the chin points even farther behind the ball.

I’ll give it a whirl!

via David Leadbetter: Turn Your Chin Back For Solid Tee Shots: Golf Digest.


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