PandoraEnhancer for Chrome

I have had a Pandora account since 2006 and thought it was way cool at the time because I was part of a Music Genome Project. I was able to “thumb” feedback on which songs I wanted or didn’t want on my stations. It made for hours and hours of listening delight.

Unfortunately, over the years, just like anything else, they got to make a coin. And then came the ads, and commercial breaks, and “are you still listening” prompts. So, I quit listening to Pandora because of those annoyances.

Now that I use Chrome as my primary browser, I am always checking out new and useful add-ons.  A recently released add-on called PandoraEnhancer can get rid of ads and the “are you still there” prompt that shows up after prolonged listening. It also gives desktop notifications when a song changes, lyrics to the song currently playing, and more.

Ok, so let’s give it a whirl, shall we?

via PandoraEnhancer for Chrome


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