The Reasonable Mans Rules Of Golf

I found these rules of golf over at Golf Digest. Albeit they may not be the official rules, it allows you to play a quick, casual round while staying within the spirit of the game. And it is a game after all, isn’t it?

Some of the suggested rules are:

1. Move your ball out of a footprint in the sand. (Why should you pay a penalty for someone else’s carelessness?)
2. Play winter rules. (If a course is really wet, has just been aerated, or just has spots where it’s in lousy condition, move your ball a few inches, no closer to the hole.)
3. Treat yourself to a Mulligan. (As long as your group agrees to one on the first tee and you don’t hold up the groups behind, then allow yourself to hit a bonus shot.)
4. Don’t penalize yourself if your ball moves when removing debris around it. (Bobby Jones once said “You may as well praise someone for not robbing a bank,” when he was lauded for calling a similar penalty on himself. Good for him, but last time we checked, you’re not Bobby Jones.)

For more Reasonable Mans Rules of Golf check out Golf Digest!


One Response to “The Reasonable Mans Rules Of Golf”

  1. Ron Celano Says:

    I pretty much covered this subject in my book “Why Isn’t Golf Fun Anymore.” Basically, the more formal the venue the more stringent the rules. Relax the rules when playing a casual round of golf with friends. It makes the game more fun and speeds up play.

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