New Bees?

It has been awhile since I reported on BioTech for Bees and . So how are the little fuzzy flying buzzing bees doing with their fungus and Colony Collapse Disorder? Really, not much of a change. Here’s the progress report, as per the USDA.

As you may know, honeybees have been hard-hit by a mysterious phenomenon known as colony collapse disorder, which experts suspect is caused by a combination of mites, parasites, viruses and pesticides, cell phones and we got the human factor too. Bumblebees are having problems, too.

A  postdoctoral associate in the field of entomology, Jason Gibbs, discovered 11 new U.S. sweat bee species. Sweat bees are smaller than honeybees, nest in the ground (including lawns) and in rotten logs, and can vary in color from brown to black to dull metallic green and bright iridescent. They are mostly harmless, though people may get stung when the bees get brushed off as they lick salt on people’s skin on hot days.

Hope these little guys can help with pollination and take up some of the slack for their honey collecting cousins.

via Cornell University


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